Our products can be defined into 3 main groups. The first group is Control set that includes Magnetic Contactor, Pilot Lamp, Push Button, Selector Switch, Terminal Block, etc. The second group is Power distributor , for examples, Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB), Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), Load Break, Switch Fuse, etc. The last group is Wiring & Accessories such as Wiring Duct, Cable Tie, Cable Marker, Cable Gland, Smooth Pie, Terminal (Fish Tail), Multi Connector, etc.

We provide various types of products above from a lot of brand names worldwide as follows:
ABB Stromberg
Safe line
- Plastic Enclosed Switch
- Steel Enclosed Switch
Power line
- Switch Fuse Mini Type
- Conversion & Switch Kits
- OS Type Switch Fuse
- OESA Type Switch Fuse
- OESA PL Type Switch Fuse
ABB Stromberg
Switch line
- Toggle & Rotary Load Break Switch
- Load Break Switch OT 16-160A
- Load Break Switch OETL 200-3150A
- Motor Operator for Load Break Switch
- 3&4 Poles Change Over Switch 16-160A
- 3&4 Poles Change Over Switch 25-3150A
- 3&4 Poles Mechanical Interlock 16-3150A
- 6&8 Poles On-Off Load Break 16-1600A
- Kits for Changeover, Interlock & By-Pass
Veber Products
- Fuse Links and Fuse Bases
Unilug Products
- Cable Lugs and Connectors