ABB’s new OT load breakers meet disconnect and isolation requirements more effectively than ever thanks to a new contact construction and smaller housing.


The super-compact
disconnect solution



The optimal size
with high performance


Product Advantage
ABB’s new fusible breakers are very small and compact, exceeding the highest electrical requirements. OS ABB fusible breakers are designed both for DIN and BS type fuse links. The need for the space saving 0 size fuse on the DIN-market is met with the new OS 200 size.





It’s a snap to install, despite the compact size. The telescopic, adjustable shaft doesn´t require precise cut and the accessories can be snapped-on without tools.

The terminal positioning is optimally designed for double cabling, decreasing the space requirements, as two small cables allow much easier bending simplifying the mounting.


The adjustable mounting feet provide mounting flexibility to the whole switch. 
It can be mounted both from the top and the sides.
Electrical characteristics  

The high short circuit capacity guarantees reliable current cut-off up to 100 kA and the load breaker can be enclosed up to the full ratings.



The visible contact opening ensures that the actual position of the contacts are seen and that accidents are avoided.
The control cables are packed and well protected in covered cable channels and the terminal connections are shrouded with the optimal solution for cabling or busbars. IP 3X protection is easily achieved.